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2019 PDTT Meeting Dates

2019 Meeting Dates/Venue

Thursday, 1/31/2019

Thursday, 3/28/2019

Thursday, 6/27/2019

Thursday, 9/26/2019

G.A.I.N. Day Vin Etching Event

Vin Etching G.A.I.N. event

We had a good turn out.  Some folks came out from San Tan Valley.  

Thank you Amada for Vin Etching Ahwatukee.
Arizona Auto Theft Authority

CAOs for So. Mtn. Precinct

CAOs contact information

These are the CAOs for South Mountain Precinct.   Phoenix PD encourages all to call with good and constructive feedback.   If you have a question, please call anytime.

Last PNP Training Class for 2018

Last PNP Training Class for 2018

 Saturday, 11/3/2018 is the last PNP Training Class for 2018. Contact Detective Brian Kornegay to register:  
or (602) 256-4303

2019 PNP Training Classes

Saturday, 11/3/2018 is the last PNP Training Class for 2018.
Contact Detective Brian Kornegay to register: or (602) 256-4303

2019 PNP Training Dates:

Saturday, January 26, 2019
Saturday, March 23, 2019
Saturday, May 11, 2019
Saturday, July 27, 2019
Saturday, September 14, 2019
Saturday, November 16, 2019

It is just a few hours long but will change the way you think when you walk your neighborhood.
Register for a class by contacting:
Detective Brian Kornegay or 602-256-4303

Classes are held at Mountain View Precinct, 2075 E Maryland Ave
8am to Noon, registration begins at 7:30am

Phoenix PD Ice Cream Truck

Phoenix PD Ice Cream Truck

 Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams unveiled the ice cream truck as a partnership between the Phoenix Police Foundation and Courtesy Chevrolet, Saturday, 10/20/2018, at the G.A.I.N. Day event held at Lindo Park. 

G.A.I.N. Vin Etching Event 2018

G.A.I.N. - Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods

Corpus Christi Catholic Church (South parking lot)  Address: 3550 E. Knox Road, Phoenix, AZ 85044 on Saturday, October 20, 2018 from 9:00am to 2:00pm

Please Note: If there is a slow in the flow of cars, we will close shop at 12:30pm. So please, let your neighbors know about the event.

Hosted by:  Arizona Auto Theft Authority & Ahwatukee Crime Watch 


Here are the meeting minutes for the September 2018 PD Tukee Talks.

PD Tukee Talks community meetings are routinely videotaped.  Recording, videotaping, and editing by  &
Recordings can be viewed on several social media channels. Tukee Talks – Google+ Website: Facebook: Youtube: 

PDTT Meeting Minutes_Sept 2018 (pdf)



Here are the meeting minutes for the June 2018 PD Tukee Talks.
PD Tukee Talks, Ahwatukee Community Meetings are routinely videotaped.
I have provided the links below and the social media platforms for your convenience.

The next Tukee Talks is scheduled for Thursday, September 27, 2018. 

Ahwatukee Recreation Center, 5001 E. Cheyenne Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85044

Recordings can be viewed on several social media channels.

Tukee Talks – Google+



This meeting was recorded and videotaped by
Video editing and production by


DOG WALKER WATCH …………………………………………… Tracey Church




VIRTUAL BLOCK WATCH ……………………………… Justin Martin, CAOC

CRIME STATS, TRENDS & UPDATES ……………. Brent Freyberger, CAO
Videotaping:  and Lt. Bryan Knueppel


PDTT Meeting Minutes_Jun 2018 (pdf)


Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol - PDTT June 2018

 Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol (PNP) has long supported the notion that involved residents are the most effective crime fighters, reporting suspicious activity as it occurs. This program allows residents to become more actively involved as partners in crime prevention. They are the Phoenix Police Department's "Eyes and Ears!"  Guest Speaker:  Officer Justin Martin, Phoenix Police, CCA  To sign up for the class, please contact: or call 602-256-4303 

Dog Walker Watch - PDTT June 2018

Dog Watcher Watch encourages neighbors to assist local law enforcement as extra eyes and ears while out walking their dog. The program enhances the partnership between police and community while providing resources for neighbors to be more aware and how to effectively observe and report suspicious activity. ***This means the police need us.

Virtual Block Watch - PDTT June 2018

The Phoenix Police Department has launched a new crime fighting program called "Virtual Block Watch".  If you have a security camera registered and there is a crime in the area we will know where we might be able to find video footage of the suspect. Registering your camera not only helps deter crime but assists the department in its overall crime prevention strategy in your neighborhood.  You can register and become a part of the program now. 

PPD Crime Stats, Trends & Updates

Presented by:  Officer Freyberger, CAO  and Lt. Bryan Knueppel. These crime stats are from May 28th to June 28th along the 48th Street commercial corridor. Five violent crimes for the month.  If you have any questions or would to talk about anything you can give us a call or email us.  Communication Action Officers: Officer B. Freyberger | (602) 534-2892 | Officer C. Hendershott | (602) 534-6534 | Sgt. K. Doherty | (602) 495-7604 | keith

About Us

CRIME PREVENTION is a Community Commitment

PD Tukee Talks is for any and all interested in protecting their neighborhood. Come on out to the next meeting and bring a friend and neighbor with you.
- Find out what your Police department is doing for you.
- Get community updates, current crime stats, and trends
- Learn how to recognize and report suspicious behavior.
- Learn about crime prevention and situational awareness
- Share your concerns with your Police Officers.
- Meet and socialize with your neighbors.

Note:  PD Tukee Talks is a non-profit organization.  This meeting is facilitated as a public service to the community.  It provides a forum for Phoenix PD South Mountain Precinct the opportunity to build relations with the residents of Ahwatukee.

Thank you for your donation in support of our community meeting.
PD Tukee Talks | First Bank


Please do not wait for the Tukee Talks forum. If you have a question, concern, or curious about a subject matter, please contact your Phoenix Police Community Action Officers.


- Your feedback and topic suggestions
- Community Representatives
- Guest Speakers
- Volunteers for Meeting Assistants
- Snacks & Refreshments

For more information, please email us at

Ahwatukee United, Ahwatukee Strong!

Invite your friends and neighbors!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting.
See if you can carpool.

2019 PDTT Schedule:

Pecos Community Center, 17010 S 48th St, Phoenix, Arizona 85048, United States

January 2019
Thursday, 1/31/2019
March 2019
Thursday, 3/28/2019
June 2019
Thursday, 6/27/2019
September 2019
Thursday, 9/26/2019